How to Join or Donate to OVEC
OVEC Members

OVEC Members
OVEC members have a vision for our future, a commitment to greater democracy and a cleaner environment. We are people from all walks of life who take an active role in community: by educating ourselves and others about the effects of pollution and corrupt politics on the environment and human health; and by taking unified action on regional environmental threats.

Why you should join OVEC
OVEC's struggle to achieve environmental justice can succeed with your help. In a region faced with layoffs and economic belt tightening, polluters wield tremendous economic and political influence. In spite of laws and regulations - our air, water, and land continue to be degraded. Ultimately, the community and its people suffer.

You can help OVEC by becoming an active participant and/or supporting OVEC with a generous donation. OVEC's presence is essential to our region's environmental and social health.

OVEC is a 501-c-3 organization, so donations to OVEC are tax deductible.  When you donate $20 (or more) you become a member and we add you to our mailing list to receive a printed copy of our newsletter, Winds of Change (unless you do not wish to receive the newsletter). 

Click one of the buttons in the sidebar to donate.  If you prefer to donate by check, you may print this form and mail donations to:

PO Box 6753
Huntington, WV 25773-6753

If you cannot print the form, please provide the following contact information with your donation (or specify that you wish to donate anonymously).  

Address (Street, City, State, Zip)
Home Phone
Email address
Indicate whether you wish to be added to the Action Alert email list.