Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition

Golf course on destroyed mountain is disgrace, not a joy

Twisted Gun turns coal mine to gold mine

Amid the coal, 18 holes; Old mountaintop removal site new home for golfers


Twisted Gun Golf Course, Mingo County, WV
October 19, 2003
Photos by Vivian Stockman

Hey folks! It's "economic development" on a Mingo County mountaintop removal site. That's right, a golf course for the residents of one of the poorest counties in one of the poorest states in the nation. Don't mind the silica-laden-dust floating in the air from that mountaintop removal blast over there. Don't mind the treeless, sun-baking you'll get on this course. Just shut up and golf.

Remember, less than five percent of the land that has already been destroyed by mountaintop removal has any form of "economic development" on it whatsoever.


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