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Google Satellite View of Pigeon Roost Hollow
(First road above town of Blair)

Jan. 2010 Map of proposed Spruce No. 1 permit
(from the offices of the WV Dept. of Environmental Protection)

Spruce No. 1 Mine: Spruce Valley and Pigeon Roost Hollow,
Logan County, WV

April 28, 2010
High Resolution Mountaintop Removal Pictures

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Photos by Vivian Stockman; Flyover courtesy SouthWings

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Note: high res images have been compressed slightly to improve download
speed for most browsers.  Original digital images are available on request.

The community of Spruce Valley, and Pigeon Roost Hollow in Logan County, WV. Much of Pigeon Roost Hollow will be wiped out if the Spruce No. 1 Mine permit is not vetoed.

The community of Spruce Valley, near Blair, with some of the Dal-Tex mountaintop removal operation visible.

Pigeon Roost is a long hollow.

Pigeon Roost Hollow is at right. Jimmy Weekley lives in Pigeon Roost Hollow. His efforts to save his homeplace began over a decade ago and his efforts, bolstered by lawyers for the Appalachian Center for the Economy and groups like the West Virginia Highlands Conservancy and OVEC, have been an integral part of building international awareness of mountaintop removal. Here you can see that some work had started on this permit, much to the detriment of those living in and near Pigeon Roost Hollow.

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