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Brushy Fork Slurry Impoundment Report

Is a coal slurry impoundment disaster coming to a community near you?



Brushy Fork Sludge Impoundment

Summer Solstice Sludge Tour (page 5)

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Sediment Control Pond, not a holding pond. These are supposed to be designed to contain sediment from all upstream runoff.


Sediment control pond.


Dredging of sediment from sediment control ponds is required as the ponds frequently fill in. Dredging should be performed on frequent basis to keep the maximum storage capacity available in the ponds in the event of a serious rainfall or erosion/sediment event.


Two sediment ponds in series, combined are less than 2 acres in size, very narrow and relatively shallow. These 2 ponds are supposed to contain sediment from over 600 acres.

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