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November 5, 2014

Today: National Call-In Day to Support FERC Blockaders
This week, hundreds of people are in Washington, D.C. for Beyond Extreme Energy, a series of actions aimed at stopping business as usual at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

These folks need your support! Will you please call FERC Chairman Cheryl A. LaFleu at 888-328-2271? Tell her you want FERC to recall and reject the Cove Point gas export facility. Tell her you want FERC to stop rubber stamping natural gas industry pipelines, compressor stations and export facilities.

Your calls will let FERC know that the folks outside their building are supported by thousands more around the country. Please Call Chairman LaFLeu at 888-328-2271 now.

And, please share this ask with your friends, both in the flesh, via e-mail and on social media. If you tweet, here are some sample tweets:

We’re here to #shutdownFERC! Cheryl A LaFleu @FERC, recall and reject Covepoint and all fracked gas export stations! 888-328-2271

#FERCdoesntWork End all #fracking! Call Cheryl A LaFleu @FERC and demand recall and reject all fracking infrastructure! 888-328-2271

#FERCdoesntwork Help us stop business as usual @FERC! Call & demand Chairman Cheryl LaFleu reject all fracking infrastructure! 888-328-2271

Several times daily, we're gathering news coverage of the Beyond Extreme Energy action and posting it here — click on the oil derrick icon to see all the fracking-related news.

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Nov. 11: Forum on Fracking and Pipeline Issues in Weston
Join members of a newly-formed multi-county citizen group from North Central WV in learning more about the challenges associated with deep shale hydraulic fracturing and gas pipeline issues.

The group is hosting a forum from 6-8 p.m. forum at Jackson's Mill Assembly Hall in Weston, WV.

The meeting will feature a panel of expert speakers and individuals whose quality of life and health have been directly affected. Several WV organizations will be represented, including WV Surface Owners' Rights Organization (WVSORO), Wetzel County Solid Waste Authority, the WV Host Farms Program, and the Doddridge County Watershed Group.

The main presenter will be Bill Hughes of Wetzel County, who works part-time for OVEC as well as FracTracker Alliance. Bill has been a member of the board for the Wetzel County Solid Waste Authority for the last 13 years.

Barbara Volk, a Lewis County landowner and co-organizer of the event says, “It is important for citizens to know the many challenges associated with the entire process. A couple of months ago, Consol Energy held a forum at Jackson’s Mill, but did not conduct the meeting in a way that allowed for an exchange of information and views. People in attendance felt as if their voices were not being heard. So, we are holding a more democratic forum with expert presenters so that residents can learn about the issues associated with these activities.”

Jody Mohr, of Salem, WV, will present on water contamination and lifestyle changes that happen when you live near a frack site. Julie Archer of WVSORO, will be presenting on landowners' rights, eminent domain and leasing information. Diane Pitcock will present on the WV Host Farms Program, what it does, and the many benefits for its members.

Above: Bill Hughes, center with hat, next to him (right), Diane Pitcock
and OVEC staff on a frack tour in Doddridge County in August.
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Nov. 20: Public Hearing on Hobet MTR Mine Expansion
At 6 p.m. on Thursday November 20 at the Morrisvale Community Center, 6545 Horse Creek Rd., Morrisvale (Spurlockville), WV, the WV DEP will host an informal conference / public hearing on the expansion of the already more than 20-square-mile Hobet Mine mountaintop removal coal mine which has been destroying ever-growing swaths of Boone County and Lincoln counties. This latest permit, at 471.70 acres. is located in Lincoln County, WV at longitude 82° 0´ 8.0000" latitude 38° 5´ 21.0000".

Reply to this e-mail if you'd like to be part of a carpool to the meeting, or if you'd like more info.

Rob Goodwin, with the WV CARE campaign, has conducted a review of the proposed mine permit. He's found this permit has problems such as the ones identified in CARE's 733 petition from June 2013, where we ask the federal Office of Surface Mining, Reclamation and Enforcement to take over DEP's failed mining division. This hearing is an opportunity for citizens to speak out for substantive reform of mining enforcement and permitting in West Virginia.

Above: An OVEC shot of a home on Mud River Road and the monstrous, ever-growing Hobet mine that continues to annihilate the landscape, poison the streams, drive communities to extinction and wreck the health of those who dare to stay in their ancestral homelands.

If the DEP goes ahead and grants this permit, it's another kick in the teeth for the health of our communities:

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Studies and Videos: How MTR Harms Our Lives, Our Health

This series of photos (above) by the ACHE Act's Bo Webb graphically illustrate why people living near MTR sites have long known what science continues to prove — mountaintop removal coal mining is making us sick, killing us off early. (Here's a compendium of some of the published studies.)

Keely Kernan's latest short film features OVEC member Donna Branham (center, above) from Mingo County, WV. The film explores the generational impacts that mountaintop removal coal mining has had on Donna and her family.

This film is the latest in Keely's ongoing series of films,"In the Hills and Hollows." OVEC and the Civil Society Institute are providing funding to support the production of this series which examines both mountaintop removal and deep-shale fracking-related problems here in West Virginia. Please help share these films — our stories matter, our stories mesh with those around the country calling for an end to extreme extraction of fossil fuels and a new era of renewable energy.

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More MTR at Hobet

Studies and Videos: How MTR Harms Our Lives, Our Health

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Upcoming events: November 6: What is a Safe Water System discussion.
November 10 - 11: Summit on Race Matters in Appalachia.

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