Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition



Smart Counter

OVEC employs a smart hit counter provided by Site Meter to accurately count actual visitors to the website.  Many counters increment every time a page is loaded, so a single visitor who returns to a site's home page several times during a browsing session will be counted multiple times.

OVEC's counter only increments at the beginning of a new browsing session (the connection your browser makes with our website), so visitors are counted only once no matter what page(s) they view or how many times they return to the home page during a single session (note: the counter may increment during a session to reflect new visitors to the site).

The current count shown in the lower left corner of the page represents the number of separate browsing sessions since March 3, 2002.  For more statistics, including number of pages viewed, click directly on the counter, which will take you to the Site Meter website.  Note that we began using Site Meter on Jan 4, 2003, so the statistics represent activity since that date (i.e., we had 32290 visitors and an untold larger number of page views prior to that date).

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